Journey by haul-wave

Deep water

Journey by haul require from one place to another  for the necessary ,if think in the water, boat, sail boat cargo ship, cruse ship, fishing boat, fishing ship, ferry etc.

famious cruze ship
Cruze Ship

Jouncy in water may be be in the river, canal ,ocean, the density also different from salt water , it may be 1050 & 1000 kg/m3.Salt water, rusting as Nacl harmful for water way transport & also Ph value 7.5 to 8.4.Regular maintenance in dock  by improve painting or others.

Consider about wind speed, it is most important factor in water jouney, if wind speed 10~ 20 km/hr, fetch 20 km , duration 2.5 hr, wave length 10m, wave crest to torque, duration 2.5~ 4 sec.

How calculate wave height:



v=wind speed =5m/sec


H=0.5m=wave height

Wave height is the combination of swelling & wind height.

Coralie affect should consider as earth spin east to west.

Wave energy depends on depth, width, water flow, height, wind speed  etc.


Wave ht= 1m


=1000 joule

=1 hp

1  calorie= 4 joule

as 8000 joule

Wave length & water line length as SL ratio

Haul velocity =√(g*L/2λ)



Relation between hp to velocity

√(hp/weight) constant

Weight f 15 ton


v=3.5 m/sec

Ship structure may be steel depends on % carbon & alloy

consider 50~75 ksi

Relation between the water pressure

Shallow depth:20m



deep depth 1150 psi & shallow 20~50 psi but depend on the environment factors & different condition.

Environment at present for living things in deep depth for sustainability & growth  , biodiversity with other plants or living things as or before should be record.

Deep water
Bio diversity in deep depth water

Journey by haul in the water ways should consider such thing for the selection of haul & our environment, past & present scenario, how will kept & improve our future.

To Make a Home Some important things may be considered


To Make a Home Some important things may be considered

Make a home, There are very important things to be known for making a new home or building.

How will start or where will get the service, Who is the right person etc. makes to find

You must concern with right technical person

Architect who have IAB no & experienced, building code

Structural Engineer Who have MIEB no & experienced, building code

& Frame analysis to compare the moment at the end,or any point

Concrete comprehensive strength & steel  Yield strength


About Earth Quake:

As my observation in Dhaka Zone:

Depends on Nepal fault & Dhaka is far about 500 km

so  magnitude may be 4~5

but the other zone which may be different

Others some fault in river bad & volcanic action

So new filling soil is not good for earth quake

this observation is not specific reason but may also others like

if internal collision of all the plate or between massive plate, magnitude may be incresed.

Structural Engineer should know about Retrofitting, Renovation

Some Common like

Strength increased by fiber reinforced

Column , beam , footing Size increased by micro concrete & non shrinkage grouting

So everything depends on cost, standard, durability etc.


Soil  boring & test result

Soil boring  get SPT value

& need to test cohesion value for cohesive soil & angel of internal friction, & stress for cohesion-less soil

This can be done by testing laboratory for bearing capacity of soil.

& all the issues can be solved by both mutual decision.

Some important Things May be Considered to Make Home, Is it helpful  for searching

Contact& Consultation:

Engr.Shazzad Hossain (B.Sc. Engg-Civil), MIEB-16925, MBA

For Building Planning, Design, Soil Test Report, Supervision, Cost Estimate, Compliance

& Others Services


Email:[email protected]

+19 Years Experienced

Consulting Fee: Negotiable


youtube channel-shazzad

my youtube channel

You tube channel-shazzad

You tube channel- shazzad-how to create a youtube channel for making personal site for making video, audio in memorable events, present, past interesting memory.I have make some video & added some music background , composed with image.How to make a youtube channel,it is like consider a private channel like a tv or radio channel.There is a option tools for making private youtube channel-shazzad.

See my Youtube Channel

There  are most popular youtube channels &  here mentioned some of them  the name of user, subscriber & video views such as #music, # Games, # sports, D-Movies, #News, Popular On Youtube & their most subscribed youtube channel range between 30~ 90million & youtube channel views -video views  about 100 million.

Youtube channel search or promote youtube channel by the search engine like google, yahoo bing, write youtube channel or top youtube channel or follow  a example:

Search by the Key word youtube channel freelancer shazzad hossain or freelancer shazzad hossain

Visit shazzad hossain personal portfolio site

Please watch youtube videos  in my you tube channel & read my post .




how edit youtube music video tutorial


Edit youtube music video tutorial

You tube music videos tutorial- very common thing as a human, we  like to think, imagine the nature, universe & the social media & the daily events.I want to describe whatever i like such ashow edit youtube music video


Forest, different colors like green, yellow, red,pink, etc.  the color world, what a beauty, beside  passes the river  or toward the ocean as a mirror, i seen as i & if i wish i swim, catching fish-under the water word-this the another sea world and  the mountain or the south or north pole , a white ice beauty.

About 10,000 species  animals, birds- about 10,000 species have, everyone have own tag, style but i  find there is a similarity.Can you feel it.All the living & non living thing in the earth both have food music videos are most resource for learning & researching purpose & edit youtube music video tutorial

Visit  how edit youtube music video tutorial & comments

& How make the film, i  was  surprise  how make & composition of the film like computer graphics, animation & practical  scenario with the actors, so lets try to research about the movie

So  finding  the beauty  similarly have cruel, all things have for the making the earth, we all are related to each other.So its  may not all  should have the similarity as see the universe like  millions of galaxy with stair & planets, so found all the have a similarity but a little or few have not find & edit youtube music video .

Social & daily events:

Entertainment like image, music, movie, drama etc. which reflect of our tradition, style, there are different type of movie like action, drama, horror,western, alien, comedy, thriller, suspension , some of the box office movies -avatar,e titanic  , Jurassic park, furious, harry porter, frozen, iron man, transformer, the dark night rises, alice in wonderland available youtube.

There are some forever musics like visit freelancer shazzad link site-how to edit a music video.The songs also can found in nature like river, birds, fish & the nature, like enigma

How do edit youtube videos tutorial -Composition all the data on the survey analysis as demand, segmentation.Question how you get the response, its depends on the thinking, planning what do you want.Let do a example.

a story about a man, profile link, 

A brief about childhood, boyhood, adult  stage how passes ,how was, whats the social contribution, family life, how about parents, economical condition, now whats is thinking, whats the drawbacks etc, gets.So this the  unique, and also  a very helpful for the society & can be classified as model analysis & edit youtube music video tutorial .

Researching & find all his habit, physical, physiological, analysis. By making animation or imagine character &editing video, instrumental or vocal get publicity, should be different & quality.

Food culture -like recipe & decoration, a lot of varieties of food like pizza, burger called fast food with vegetable, meat, fish fry,barbecue different ingredients& different style, different making process, How do the people make and the health benefit like calories, protein, vitamin, carbohydrate, fat what should be & what get, can get youtube food recipe.All the things are different in the geographical location.& also have different languages like english, bangla, hindi, chines. Edit youtube music video,but what’s the benefit of video, we can know the rest of the world whats happening & their thinking , attitude & edit youtube music video tutorial.

Research example:

Can you imagine snake world, how many snakes species in the natures, ratel snakes, viper, black mamba,taipan mention.This is one of the area of making video.

Example of a story:

I play in the field & my tennis ball falls to the beside the canal into the water plants, someone tell me ball in here, so i go & pick the fall & see a snake & bite me.I couldn’t understand , so someone tight my hand & i feel very pain  afterward calling a snake-man who again tight my hand strongly, give me spicy , i eat a lot & feel sweet  & he  cuts my finger by blade & out my blood , afterward i feel good & poison out from my body.It’s about 40 years back & that time no  available  medicine.So it can be make a video & composition or editing with background enigma  music , with reality site location&edit youtube music video tutorial.


There is 20000 species fish in the ocean, river, like sword fish, tona, marleen , etc  .Shark is a big giant in the ocean , great whale shark is very dangerous among all of them., blue, tiger,hammerhead, bull.

There is  lot of available video can be found, if we make unique what can think , shark is very ancient in the planet, can we imagine  how the numbers in earlier & now, what the reasons , food chain, genetic, ocean eco system & affect & how they willn’t hunts human etc. makes a  video with composition.

Visit my youtube channel

I think it’s very good example-how to edit youtube videos  tutorial or composition of the nature.

Selecting the Right Kind of Dentist|Dentist Maryland|

Who is Right Kind of Dentist

Selecting the right kind of dentists people must realize  who are able to work best with a particular type of patient might not be great for the different kind of patient. The teeth and nicotine gums constitute your smile. Everyone knows that a grin affects your general personality. So people must choose the right kind of dentist on their behalf. You must search the best dentist for you in your neighborhood. Want to know more on the best Sedation dentistry Maryland, visit us today!

The following are the strategies for selecting the right kind of dentist:

ExperienceBefore going through a verbal checkup, you should request for any dentist’s qualifications. Collect details about the cases which the dentist has handled in the past. Find out about the level that she or he satisfies their clients. To begin with, you should gather specifics of any problems which you have. Then you should find out if that dentist are designed for and treat individuals problems effectively or otherwise.CostSometimes your financial allowance might not complement the rates of the particular dentist. But you mustn’t compromise your oral health. Look for a dentist who are able to handle your dental issues effectively and keep prices to a minimum. If you are handled by insurance, check that your dentist can effectively use your insurance provider. Remember that all dentists might not accept your insurance policy. So, search effectively to discover the one that will go according to your selected plan.Waiting ListSome dentists have lengthy waiting lists. These dentists could make you wait for lengthy time period for the appointment. Awaiting a scheduled appointment may worsen your dental issues. So, look for a dentist who are able to handle your dental problem inside a stipulated time period. You wouldn’t like waiting and costing you time. Always search for a dentist who are able to give you having a timely appointment.Latest TechniquesNew and advanced techniques and tools continue to come in the market daily. You must check whether your dentist looks after a tabs on these advanced and up-to-date techniques or otherwise. These techniques tend to be more efficient than the outdated ones. You can take a look on the “before” and “after” photos of the patients of the particular dentist. It’ll give you a much better understanding of the effectiveness of the techniques utilized by the concerned dentist.Know your requirementsYou should be obvious regarding your needs and needs. Some dentists don’t see patients on weekends although some aren’t seeing patients on the week days. Select a dentist based on your needs.SpecialistsYou will find different kind of specialized dentists. Choose the one based on your needs. General dentist, endodontist and periodontist are the different specialists in this area.Selecting the right kind of dentistsResearch OnlinePerform some online research to acquire details about the dentist office, staff and surroundings. Determine whether the office includes a clean appearance? A highly effective dental website doesn’t have to become fancy. However, it ought to be simple to to locate and be obvious about the office history, services offered, guidelines and payment plans. Look for the dentist’s title on search engines like google to find out if you will find more details. Selecting the right kind of dentist, For more information on the top dentist maryland, do not forget to visit our website.

Freelancer shazzad Hossain Written a Sample of Application

Job application

Freelancer shazzad Hossain Written a Sample of Application


Shazzad _Hossain Ltd.


Subject; Application for the post of “ Civil Engineering and MBA, SEO Consultant”.

Dear Sir, It is very pleasure for me to get a chance of applying in XY Ltd. I am being interest to inform about me and attached my CV for qualifying me. Having patience, please give me opportunity for showing my ability & skill which can distinguish from others. Are you applying for a job or sick I am waiting for your selection.
Thanking you


Engr.shazzad Hossain(Civil)


site address:

mail address: [email protected]

Freelancer shazzad Hossain Written a Sample of Application|Unique Different from online Data

Job Interview Job selection

CV of Shazzad Hossain


Shazzad thinking Autocad Software Drawing Tools |How Make Easily|


Shazzad thinking Autocad Software Drawing Tools |How Make Easily|

Autocad is a very most popular software for drawing & as a civil engineer, it is required to draw  architectural plan structural drawing elevation.

I have learned this tool since long years but still not find friendly,  latest version installing & activation is very complex, making drawing facing a lot of problem.

I have make a plan it should be show automatic 3d view & when i edit the view it makes complex for side, it should need option for arraging the all of 3D & 2D.

It has demand & most easiest version make developed its value.


Surface Drainage Solutions|Civil Engineering Idea|

Surface Drainage Solutions Civil Engineering Idea

A drainage system called where waste water, sewerage solid or sludge from any utility services passes by open channel or pipe & discharging into outlet like canal, reservoir etc. The all the inlets source discharge to the drainage system should be treated & environment friendly and outlet should have a treatment chamber like manhole or screening process for discharging treated water.Surface Drainage Solutions Civil Engineering Idea
The drainage system may be classified :
1.Surface drain
2.Sub surface

Waste water drainage system
Surface drainage

What is Surface drain
Shallow depth drain, depends on waste water volume, rainfall intensity & level of ground & discharging outlet.
What is Sub- Surface drain
Depth level drain for discharging
Type of drainage
1. Open Channel
2. Pipe
Open Channel
This may be rectangular or trapezoidal section
Waster water passes through pipe under the road or ground level
What factors considered to make a drainage system
1.Ground level & outlet discharging level, area, population,Segment,volume of discharging out let, rainfall intensity, run off coefficient, sudden flash flood record, type of soil
2.Cost analysis & budget
3.Proper slope for discharging or mechanically
A area about 7,000 m2 , density of population about 3m2/person & road width 3.5m & shoulder width 1m & mentioned the following data for making open channel drainage system
1. Soil Type: Fine grained soil
2.Rainfall maximum:150 mm/hour
3.Runoff coefficient:0.11

Volume of rainfall water 934.50 32969.16 1177.47
Total Utilities 450000.00
Others 250000.00
Total waste water 701177.47 liter
Considered sludge volume .04m3/capita/year has bee kept in Septic tank & risk of arising gas negligible
Q 8.12 liter/sec 0.28 cft/sec
Finding slope & self cleansing velocity,Surface Drainage Solutions Civil Engineering Idea

Manning’s Formula
V 1/n R2/3 S1/2
S= Slope
R= Hydraulic radius
n= Roughness Co-efficient, for concrete surface=.015, Natural =.05
V= Self cleansing velocity

Considered a rectangular size 3′ width & 2′ depth
R A/P 0.86 ft
V (1/.015)*(.857).66*(.0004).5
66.67 0.90 0.02 1.20 ft/sec
Q 7.23 ft3/sec
If n=.05
V 20.00 0.90 0.02 0.36 ft/sec
Q 2.17 ft3/sec

Comments: Is it sufficient velocity for cement mortar or natural surface by Engr. Shazzad Hossain

Self cleansing velocity
Self cleansing velocity

Comments: Is is sufficient velocity for cement mortar or natural surface
Reynolds No V*R/v 80702.83 Turbine flow
v= Kinetic viscosity of salty water 1.279*10-5 ft2/sec
Turbine flow, water pressure
P hρg 4062.50
26.51 Psi

Now check tensile strength of
Concrete 200.00 psi
Brick common 50.00 psi

For analyzing software stadpro can used,Surface Drainage Solutions Civil Engineering Idea

We can use brick with cement mortar surface drain but not enough strewth instead of concrete

Now find approx.cost estimate
Length 1000.00
Depth 2.00 2.83
Width 3.00 3.83
Items Quantity Unit Rate ( In Tk) Amount
Earth Excavation 10838.90 cft 10.00 108389.00
Sand filling 3830.00 sft 10.00 38300.00
Brick soling 3830.00 sft 35.00 134050.00
Brick Wall 1660.00 sft 45.00 74700.00
CC 957.50 cft 155.00 148412.50
Plaster 103.75 cft 145.00 15043.75
RCC Cover
Concrete 957.50 cft 170.00 162775.00
Rod 2600.00 Kg 55.00 143000.00
Total Materials for 1000 feet 824670.25
Cost/feet 824.67

Surface Drainage Solutions Civil Engineering Idea

Shazzad View Online Earning PPC-PTC- CPC Site


Shazzad View Online Earning PPC-PTC-CPC Site

Shazzad view online earning PPC-PTC-CPC site-Online money making site through PPC means pay per click may make some money by simple clicks or some ways which have rules of each of the site like game, micro task,etc.It is very simple.

Go to the sign up & start earning, I have given an example how earna ” Shazzad view online earning PPC-PTC-CPC site”

usually .005 /click if nos of add 20 & let 50 visitor get $5/day

how visitor get , visitor comes from referral link for each user

like one user if bring visitor by referral link like=50

also there is lot of option to reach the way & get from google search engine by keyword like online earning

online earning ptc site
online earning ptc site
How earn money simply

I visit the site , sign up , click add & get referral link if any visitor comes from my referral, visitor nos  will count as the  nos specified of each site.I am also a new user .

May be get benefit from each of  side.

Visit my youtube channel  & make comments.

Shazzad view online earning PPC-PTC-CPC site



Linkbucks for view ads


Shazzad Idea about Stadpro Structural Analysis Software

Shazzad Idea about Stadpro Structural Analysis Software

It is the structural analyzing software for civil enginner , input  data & given out put result of moment, share, deflection.

Geometrical data like size, grid dimension bu using drawing tools for making a model after input load data & condition , output given.

Vertical, wind, seismic are most common load data

I am using the tool but not satisfied in modelling & output result.

i think developer should think as make friendly

Just input geometrical data, & properties load , after run it will show the output model showing the deflection & weakness by motion & have option to make change.

Though structural analysis is difficult &  have required theoretical background

Stadpro shoul be easier & friendly structural analysis software for RCC & Steel building.

Shazzad Idea about Stadpro Structural Analysis Software

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